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Social Media Overview

P1 has been an early adopter of social media ever since we were founded, putting social media at the forefront of all our communications efforts. We use social media to listen and engage with you, and also to have fun.

At P1, we are constantly leveraging a multitude of social media tools to be wherever you are, to our best efforts. We are currently available on these platforms:

  Facebook     Youtube
We use Facebook foremost as it is without a doubt the platform with the most users. With nearly 60,000 followers now (which we grew organically… uh humph), our Facebook page is positioned as the gateway to all our social media activities. Youtube Is by far the main video sharing site for P1. You will be able to find archived videos of all our ads, viral and educational ones here; which we’re pleased to say are properly organized in playlists. Kindly follow our channel.
  Twitter   Google+
Twitter This social media tool comes second. Just last year, we rebranded our handle to @P1Buddy to align with the P1 Buddy Facebook page and to appear more put together. Our counterparts at P1Cares uses a separate twitter account to assist customers. Google+ The biggest Search Engine Optimization arsenal that needs no mentioning, but we’ll mention it anyway. Our Google+ account uses Places to house our resellers as well as our corporate office. Do like our Google page here if you are a fan.
  LinkedIn   Pinterest
LinkedIn We also make our presence felt in LinkedIn! Being one of the 16th most visited website in Malaysia, we are enjoying good traction for business product marketing and of course to get more super competent and super cool individuals to join our team. Pinterest Being snap happy, Pinterest was started as a way to archive P1 in visuals. With comprehensive categorization, you can dig up more information about P1 easily – marketing campaigns, events, and such. Feel free to pin it if you like it!
  Foursquare   Instagram
Foursquare We started using Foursquare in 2013, mostly to house the 155 P1 resellers around Malaysia. Each outlet has its own official Foursquare cling at their door! Remember to check in for every visit to keep updated of what’s “in-store.” Instagram Launched just recently in 2013, Instagram will be one of our new avenues for customer engagement because it’s swift, mobile and has viral impact. So the next time you spot us on Instagram, have a heart and heart our photos will ya?
  Slideshare   Wordpress (E-Social)
Slideshare This platform is used for sharing information, including manuals, corporate updates, P1 in the news and so forth. If you would like ‘readables’ on us, our Slideshare account is the one to go to. Yes, go on and share the information too! Wordpress Corporate blogging had not really picked up steam here compared to the western world. But who cares, it’s fun and is a great platform for us to open up to our customers and the public at large. View our blog-cum-monthly newsletter here.