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Newsletter (P1 e-Social)

Let’s get social. P1 has a community of over half a million subscribers that we would like to reach out to on a regular basis. Of course we welcome everyone to view the newsletter too. Using the Wordpress platform, our team brings to you five useful and interesting segments every month.

Each published newsletter will be circulated to our subscribers via email (personal delivery service) and uploaded to our website and P1 Buddy to be accessible to all.

Newsletter segments are listed below:

  P1 Buddy     BizBuzz
This segment is P1's segment. Get to know about the brand here along with a plethora of Self Help resources parked here, courtesy of our Customer Advocacy. These informative piece that we are sharing with you is really tailored from our hearts based on the top FAQs of most sought after solutions based on our offered services. Youtube P1 has been a big supporter of startups and SMEs, and with BizBuzz, we are hopeful that we can convey the right messages to entrepreneurs especially to those who are subscribers to our business plans. An add-on value you might say as we shared business insights from our experience and your experience, and BizBuzz is our official mouthpiece for this purpose!
  Scoop   Life+
Twitter Get the latest Scoop on current trending, the most hip and most talked about stuff in town. We cover them as much as you want to know about it and in Scoop, this is the 'rojak' bit of our article collection! Google+ Life+ outlines the social bit in e-Social where we highlight issues and topic about etiquette, social responsibility, patriotism and lifestyle. Still a fun subject that everyone loves to talk about as we pick subject that is currently trending, served hot as a good reminder.

Geeks and geekarinas rejoice! It would be unwise not to have this since P1 is a technology company! Via this segment, we share tips and tricks on how to make use of your internet better, savvier and geekier.Get your smartphones, laptops and computers to try out our recommendations!