10 March 2009

New broadband packages from P1 makes the normally "hidden" fair usage policy transparent while offering the best bang for consumers' buck with the highest data quota at the lowest monthly subscription

PETALING JAYA - Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (P1), Malaysia’s first and leading WiMAX telco with the country’s widest WiMAX network announces that its latest broadband packages mark a positive change in the industry by making usually “hidden” fair usage policies clear and transparent. In addition, the new plans provide the best value for money offering the amongst the highest data allowances for the lowest monthly subscription.

The new packages clearly state the relevant information consumers want to know including fair usage data quotas for each respective plan. An additional feature allows P1 subscribers to independently monitor and manage their data consumption via an online self-care system easily and freely accessible from All of which are a part of P1’s consumer centric approach in striving to accommodate the needs of its customers in the best way possible.

Like many shared broadband service providers around the world, mechanisms to ensure that each customer enjoys the best performance are common and necessary. However, P1’s FUP have key differences to the ones Malaysians are used to, making it more consumer-friendly. In fact, there are some providers who don’t mention FUP even in their fine print but still impose some sort of restriction on its users.

The new plans demonstrate P1’s intimate understanding of the evolving needs of internet subscribers today who demand not only a reliable high-speed, high-performance internet connection but also higher data quota at an affordable monthly subscription. Currently, P1 offers the highest non-promotional data quota of any wireless internet service provider in the country.

“P1 is driven to innovate and our new plans are an example of this passion. Broadband users are becoming more sophisticated and so too are the applications that they are using daily. We understand these needs very well and the new plans are developed to give these sophisticated users a choice. A choice to choose the best high-speed, high-performance wireless broadband package that suits them at very attractive prices,” says Michael Lai, chief executive officer, P1.

P1’s range of broadband packages starts from as low as RM49/month for the Home Lite plan offering a data quota of 5GB/month. The plan provides a very attractive opportunity for dial-up user and first timers to experience the performance, flexibility and reliable quality of WiMAX technology.

For only RM99/month with a data quota of 20GB/month, the P1 W1MAX Home Plus plan provides the flexibility of a high-quality, high-speed wireless broadband service to home users who’d like to enjoy online multimedia content on a regular basis. For advanced home users, the P1 Home Pro plan offers a hefty 40GB monthly data quota at a reasonable RM199/month.

The innovative approach comes naturally for P1, an unconventional brand that is constantly trying hard to deliver the best to its customers. As a new brand entering a hyper-competitive market, gaining consumer confidence and customer trust is paramount and P1 is confident that its strong, relevant and attractively priced product line-up coupled with an honest, consumer-centric approach will differentiate the brand as the leading wireless broadband service provider in the country.

“P1 is a new and competent challenger in this very competitive industry. To stay competitive, differentiation is very important, and I am confident that we are heading in the right direction. Being open and honest with our policies is just one of the many ways that we are doing this. Always putting focus on the consumers’ requirements is another way. Both are in line with our commitment to make broadband a right for all Malaysians.” Michael concluded.

FUP is a typical and necessary component for almost all shared service broadband providers around the world. Shared broadband service, whereby the connection to the Internet is shared between multiple users, allows providers to offer affordable packages which meet the requirements of most broadband users. The price of a dedicated service (not shared, usually referred to as a Leased Line service), is normally too expensive for most Internet users who use the Internet to surf lightly, read and send emails, occasionally upload and download files and stream videos.

However, a very small number of users would use their broadband service excessively; resulting in a decrease in speed, quality and reliability of the service offered to other users using the same service.

It is estimated that approximately 1% to 3% of broadband customers can use up to 30%-90% of the available broadband capacity. Excessive users frequently download and upload large number of videos, very large files and use peer to peer (P2P) and file sharing software throughout the day.

FUP manages the broadband network from excessive users in order to maintain a fair, high quality and reliable level of service for the rest of our customers.
Latest locations with P1 W1MAX coverage this week: Petaling Lama, Bukit Kemuning in Shah Alam, Desa Pandan, Taman Angsana Hilir in Pandan Jaya, Taman Equine, Seksyen 27 & 28 in Shah Alam. Detailed information on the latest coverage areas along with products and packages from P1 and reseller locations are available at

About WiMAX

WiMAX is an abbreviation of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access by the WiMAX Forum. It is a standard-based technology enabling delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL. It is expected to enable quad play (voice, video, internet and mobility).

WiMAX enables deliverables of bandwidth between two points or between a point to multipoint to customer. The usage of WiMAX requires certain bandwidth of spectrum to be allocated to the service provider, in accordance to the channeling plan approved and published by MCMC.

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About Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

P1, the first Malaysian WiMAX converged telecommunications company; is the next generation broadband provider that innovates technology, products and services to advance the way people work, live, learn and play. It brings the future to present by offering one-stop cost effective data, voice, video and other value-added services for all communication needs. Customer-centric innovation has led it to become the preferred solutions provider of mobile broadband networks for mobile enterprises, SOHO and residential users.

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About Green Packet Berhad (Green Packet)

Green Packet is a leading global developer of Next Generation Mobile Broadband Networking Solutions. Green Packet’s mission is to provide a seamless and unified platform for the delivery of user centric multimedia communication and services regardless of the nature and availability of the backbone infrastructure.

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