23 June 2008


KUALA LUMPUR - Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (P1), Malaysia's WiMAX license holder and a subsidiary of Green Packet Berhad, announced today the plan to conduct extensive friendly user tests before commercially rolling out its WiMAX broadband service in Klang Valley and West Malaysia.

P1's CEO, Michael Lai, said, "We have been conducting our own assessments and small-scale user trials along the way and we have had very positive results. However, in order to ensure that the commercially rolled out service meets the highest standards of quality - in line with P1's vision of truly making a positive difference in the way Malaysians live, learn and play - we have decided to undertake a much larger scale of friendly user tests in the clusters in which we intend to roll out the service first".

The friendly user tests have started today in Golden Triangle, Subang Jaya and Setapak and each area's beta sample will comprise close to a 100 users for credibility and accuracy of the findings. The tests will continue over the next four weeks and should the positive results continue as expected, the commercial WiMAX rollout by P1 should follow soon after that.

"I know, we committed to launch our WiMAX service by the end of this month. However, this will be the first large-scale commercial deployment of an 802.16e 2.3GHz WiMAX network in the world outside Korea and we want to be sure that our users get all we have promised and more", added Lai. "The infrastructure is in place as are the strategic partnerships with companies like Intel, Fiberail and AIMS. Now we want to make sure that the user experience end-to-end from subscription, service activation, service quality and support - is as close to perfection as technologically and humanly possible".

"Yes we want to be the first WiMAX provider to commercially rollout its service in Malaysia, but I believe it is far more important to be the best too", he concluded.

The plan to execute a rapid rollout of WiMAX in Malaysia immediately after the friendly user tests are satisfactorily completed still remains unchanged for P1. P1's WiMAX broadband will give Malaysians a greater choice in how and where they get on the Internet from, be it from home, workplace, or on the move.


About WiMAX

WiMAX is an abbreviation of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access by the WiMAX Forum. It is a standard-based technology enabling delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL. It is expected to enable quad play (voice, video, internet and mobility).

WiMAX enables deliverables of bandwidth between two points or between a point to multipoint to customer. The usage of WiMAX requires certain bandwidth of spectrum to be allocated to the service provider, in accordance to the channeling plan approved and published by MCMC.

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