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Auto Pay

Get additional RM2 rebate when you sign-up on Autopay.
Enroll into our auto pay and get RM2 rebate on your monthly bill!
I like my payments made simple
  • Automatic payment via Visa or Master Card.
  • Simple and convenient
  • Quick and flexible
  • Secure with details made available in your P1 Self Care Account
 Download Auto Pay Form 
 Requires Adobe Reader installed 
Just have your credit card ready and contact us via Online Support Form, Live Chat (9am – 6pm Monday to Friday) at or Walk in to our P1 Centre or P1 Resellers to sign up to P1 Auto Pay.
  • 1. What is P1 Auto Pay service?
    P1 Auto Pay is an automatic payment service where your monthly bill will be automatically paid via your Visa® or MasterCard® Credit Card/Debit Card.
  • 2. Do you accept Diners/ American Express (Credit Card/Debit Card) issued by foreign financial institutions?
    No. We only accept Visa® or MasterCard® issued by registered Malaysian financial institutions.
  • 3. I am interested to sign up for Auto Pay. What should I do?
    It’s easy! You just need to have your Credit Card with you and the mobile number you registered your card with as we will require One Time Pin sent by your bank to your mobile to register Auto Pay service. You can register P1 Auto Pay by any of the following method :
    a) Use our Online Support Form
    b) Live Chat (9am – 6pm Monday to Friday) at
    c) Walk in to our P1 Centre or P1 Resellers
  • 4. What are the supporting documents needed for Auto Pay?
    We don’t require any supporting documents to register for P1 Auto Pay service. For security purposes, we will authenticate the registration of P1 Auto Pay with a One Time Pin sent by your bank via SMS.
  • 5. What is the Auto Pay incentive given to customer and is it applicable for all plans subscribed?
    All consumer 4G plans (broadband and voice) and ForBiz subscription paid via the Auto Pay service will enjoy RM2 rebate reflected in the following month’s bill.
  • 6. I am a subscriber of both P1 Home and P1 On-The-Go plans, do I get the Auto Pay incentives?
    Yes! You get to enjoy RM2 rebate off on your monthly bill upon successful charging of your Credit Card / Debit Card via Auto Pay. Auto Pay rebate will take effect on the next month's bill.
  • 7. How long does it take for Auto Pay to be activated?
    Your Auto Pay service will be activated upon confirmation of your Credit Card / Debit Card details from the issuing bank. Once your application is approved, P1 will notify you via email.
  • 8. Can I subscribe to P1 Auto Pay if I don’t have access to the mobile phone registered with my bank issuing Credit Card?
    No, we require a One Time Pin (OTP) sent by your bank to your registered mobile number via SMS. Unfortunately we are unable to proceed if the correct OTP is not provided.
  • 9. Can I sign up for Auto Pay using a 3rd party Credit Card/Debit Card?
    No, you can’t use 3rd Party Credit Card/Debit Card, as we require the owner of the card to provide the One Time Pin (OTP) to authorize the Auto Pay registration.
  • 10. What should I do if I want to terminate my Auto Pay service or changes on Auto Pay Credit Card/Debit Card detail?
    If you need to change or cancel Auto Pay subscription, you can contact us at any channel below :
    a) Use our Online Support Form
    b) Live Chat (9am – 6pm Monday to Friday) at
    c) Walk in to our P1 Centre or P1 Resellers
  • 11. What are other terms & conditions of this Auto Pay?
    The Auto Pay is only applicable on successful charge of the monthly bill paid in full. User’s account must be in active and non-suspended status to be eligible for this Auto Pay rebate.
  • 12. I did not authorize webe digital sdn bhd for any payment. Why am I being charged?
    We have updated our payment channels to webe digital sdn bhd in line with our company name changed. Since you have signed up Auto Pay Service with us, we have also updated the Auto Pay to be payable to webe digital sdn bhd. This is why you see the words "WEBE DIGITAL SDN BHD" in your credit card statement.
  • 13. I have notified the bank to de-authorized webe digital sdn bhd for the payment / I have cancelled the Auto Pay Service. What should I do now?
    If you wish to update your credit card details, contact us via the Online Support Form. Kindly have your physical Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) with you and the mobile phone you registered your credit card with the issuance bank. A One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone and it is required for the completion of your request.