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Discontinuation of P1 OnePlan™ Fiber

P1 OnePlan™ Fiber products and services have been discontinued for new subscription effective 1st February 2015. Existing users of OnePlan™ Fiber will be maintained until further notice. Below are the FAQ regarding migration of P1 Fiber to TM.

  • 1. Why did P1 decide to discontinue P1 Fiber?
    With the recent partnership with TM, we are now migrating all P1 Fiber service customers to TM Unifi to ensure our customers enjoy the best service experience.
  • 2. I am an existing P1 Fiber customer, how does this impact me?
    P1 will contact you within the next couple of weeks to arrange for migration to TM UniFi or arrange for service termination. You don’t have to do anything at this moment.
  • 3. I could not find any Fiber packages on P1 website, may I know where I can obtain more information Fiber packages?
    P1 has discontinued its Fiber services since 1st February 2015. If you are interested in subscribing to a Fiber service, we recommend you to check out TM UniFi packages.
  • 4. I have registered for P1 Fiber, but now the service is pending installation. What happens to my Fiber service?
    P1 will be contacting you within the next couple of weeks to check whether you are interested to subscribe to TM UniFi. If you are interested, we will arrange for an appointment with you.
  • 5. When do I have to settle all the outstanding payment to P1?
    Please settle all the outstanding invoices by 31st March 2015. As for the last bill, it will be billed to you upon service termination with P1 and you will be required to settle that 30 days from the invoice date.
  • 6. Will I receive any official email or notice from P1 regarding the discontinuation of P1 Fiber service if I am an existing Fiber customer?
    Yes, there will be an official notification letter sent via email and SMS. We will be contacting you within the next couple of weeks regarding this matter.
  • 7. If I have any overpayment, what happens?
    If you have any overpayment with P1, please submit your request here (consumer plans) and here (business plans) to get the amount refunded upon successful termination.
  • 8. Can I terminate my account before the transfer?
    Yes, you may. Kindly submit your termination form and settle any outstanding payment with P1.
  • 9. Will I still be charged for the Early Termination Penalty (ETP) if I’m within contract period?
    No, you will not be charged for the ETP though you are within contract period.
  • 10. If my package is bundled with the WiMAX service, what happens to the WiMAX service?
    The WiMAX service that is bundled with your Fiber service will be terminated as well. All modems will have to be returned to P1.
  • 11. Can I still keep the WiMAX modem?
    No, you may not. All modems belonging to P1 will have to be returned or you will charged for the modem. Someone from P1 will be contacting you regarding the modem collection once the termination is done.
  • 12. What if I still want to keep the WiMAX service?
    Please register the WiMAX service under a new account since all the services that were subscribed with the Fiber service will be terminated.
  • 13. What will happen to my voice number?
    Unfortunately, the voice number will be terminated together with the Fiber line.
  • 14. What if I still want to keep my P1 Fiber line?
    Unfortunately, P1 will no longer be offering any Fiber service. If you are still interested in Fiber service, you have the option to choose other operator.