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  • 1. What is P1 Self Care App??
    P1 consumer & business customers are now able to view their account information, billing information and data quota information through P1 Self Care App. Customers can also make payment and manage their account information through the P1 Self Care App.
  • 2. Who is eligible to use this service? Where can I download the App??
    All P1 Postpaid consumer and business customers are eligible to use this service. Simply download the P1 Self Care App through Android Play Store or iOS App Store for FREE.
  • 3. What should I do after downloading the P1 Self Care App?
    If you already have an existing P1 Self Care account, you may login with the same username and password. If you do not have it yet, please follow the two step guide below,

    Step 1 – Sign Up

    If you do not have a Self Care login yet, you may create one by clicking the “Sign Up” button within the P1 Self Care App.

    Step 2 – Account Activation

    Once Sign Up is completed , you will receive an activation code via email. You can either activate by clicking the hyperlink in the email or entering the 8 digit Activation Code in Mobile App under “Account Activation”.
  • 4. I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?
    You may click the “Forgot Password” button in the P1 Self Care App and enter your Username and NRIC. Once verificiation complete, you will receive a temporary password send to your registered email address.
  • 5. Will the P1 Self Care App save my password upon login?
    No, P1 Self Care does not save your password for security reason.
  • 6. Can I make a payment through the P1 Self Care App?
    Yes, the P1 Self Care App will redirect your browser to the P1 website for payment using Credit Card. You may also purchase top up quota using the P1 Self Care App.
  • 7. What is the minimum requirements to use the Self Care Service?
    To avoid any display or functions issues, you need to ensure that you are using iOS 7 and above or Andriod 4.2 Jelly Bean and above.
  • 8. Does P1 Self Care App send me alert if there is new version available?
    Please enable Auto Update in your device setting. Once enabled, the App will automatically be updated with latest features and fixes once available.
  • 9. Do I need to login to use P1 Self Care App?
    Yes, you need to login with your username and password to use P1 Self Care app.
  • 10. Will deleting P1 Self Care App from my phone effect my account with P1?
    No, deleting the P1 Self Care app will not impact any other services you have with P1.