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Overview HomeVoice®

P1 HomeVoice® lets you do more talk at lowest rates.
Keep your conversation flow and no worry on monthly rental fees.
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Call Charges
Call to P1 Numbers
  • RM 0.08 (1st 2min)
  • RM 0.04 (subsequent min)
  • Mobile/Fixed local calls:
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    Normal rate applies
    Please select your country for IDD rates:
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    Country Name : Afghanistan
    Country Code : 93
    Fixed Line (RM) : RM 2.30  /min
    Mobile (RM) : RM 2.30  /min
    *The IDD call rates are charged on 15-sec charging blocks
    Selected Best IDD Rates To All Networks, Fixed & Mobile
    RM 0.10 /min China, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA
    RM 0.25 /min Brunei
    Selected Best IDD Rates To Fixed Line only
    RM 0.10 /min Australia, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, UK
    RM 0.15 /min Japan, Taiwan, Thailand
    RM 0.18 /min Ireland
    RM 0.21 /min Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden
    Other Call Rates
    Call to TSoIP
    (0154 numbers)
    Calls to 1800 number
    Calls to 1300 number Calls to 103
    (TM Operator)
    Calls to 999
    (Emergency Calls)
    RM 0.10/min
  • RM 0.08 (1st 2min)
  • RM 0.04 (subsequent min)
  • RM 0.30/call
    Price shown is inclusive of 0% GST.
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