BizVoice® Hosted

Feature-packed hosted voice solution for businesses of any size and budget to look like a Fortune 500 company.

1. What is BizVoice® Hosted?
BizVoice® Hosted is a telephony service which uses the latest VoIP technology and comes bundled with an advanced IP phone with robust features.
2. How does BizVoice® Hosted works?
BizVoice® Hosted delivers voice over IP network, hence removing the need to lay bundles of physical wires like the conventional PSTN.
3. Who is eligible to subscribe to BizVoice® Hosted?
Business users with a valid business registration number can sign up for this plan with the following supporting documents provided:
1. Photocopy of authorised signatory's NRIC (both sides)/ Passport (for Non-Malaysians)
2. Company Authorised Letter of Signature
3. Photocopy of certified documents (whichever applies):
- Private Company: Form 24, 49, 9/13
- Public Company: Form 8 & 23
- Sole Proprietor: Form D & A
- Partnership: Form D & B
- NGO/ Association/ Corporation/ Foreign Company/ Embassy/ Government: Documents issued by relevant authorities
4. How do I subscribe to BizVoice® Hosted?
Please write to us here. Our sales consultant will contact you within 3 working days.
5. What are the charges for the BizVoice® Hosted plans?
There is a monthly subscription fee for the line(s) with pay as you use call charges. The standard call rate is 16sen/min for fixed and mobile calls.
6. Do I have to pay for the IP phone?
No. All BizVoice® Hosted plans come with a FREE IP phone with warranty coverage throughout the subscription period. However, you will need to pay should you choose to upgrade to another model.
7. If I want to purchase an additional IP phone, how much will it cost?
The price will vary depending on the model you choose. Please write to us at Biz Care if you would like to find out more.
8. Are there any deposit when signing up for this plan?
Yes. A deposit of RM100 per line is applicable. This deposit will only be refunded upon account cancellation subjected to all outstanding charges has been settled.
9. Is there a minimum contract period when I subscribe to BizVoice® Hosted plan?
Yes. All BizVoice® Hosted plans come with a 24-month contract. Your contract period begins from your date of service registration.
10. Do I have to subscribe a minimum number of lines for BizVoice® Hosted service?
There is no minimum requirement. Should you start with one (1) line, you can subsequently add more lines when required.
11. Can I subscribe to additional Value-Added Service (VAS) anytime post subscription?
Yes, you can add the VAS at any point in time. Please write to us at Biz Care for any add-on request.
12. If I want to enable the hunting line feature, how much will it cost?
The BizVoice® Hosted 39 plan comes with free hunting line feature inclusive of one pilot number. In the BizVoice® 29 plan, you can enable hunting line feature with RM5.30 per line/month. A pilot number (fixed number) will be given as your hunting line number. If you have 10 lines, you will need to pay RM53 (RM5.30 x 10 lines).
13. What if I want to add an additional voice line?
Please write to Biz Care for further assistance. Please note that for the additional voice line, you need to subscribe to the same plan as your other lines.
14. What are my payment options?
Please refer here for all the payment options offered.
15. Can I upgrade the plan?
Yes, you can upgrade from BizVoice® Hosted 29 to BizVoice® Hosted 39 at any time with no additional cost. Please write to us at Biz Care for any upgrade your plan.
16. Can I downgrade the plan?
You can only downgrade after contract expiry of 24 months. An administrative fee of RM10.60 /line applies. Please write to us at Biz Care for any downgrade request.
17. If I relocate to a different address, what are the charges?
In the event of relocation, you can continue the voice service but there will be a fee imposed on changing the phone numbers according to the prefix of your new location. A fee of RM10.60/line applies.
18. Can I cancel my service within the contract period?
Yes. However, there will be a RM100/line early cancellation fee. Please write to Biz Care for service cancellation requests.
19. Do I need to return the IP phone upon service cancellation?
Yes, all the IP phones must be returned in good working condition.
20. What happen if I lose the IP phone or any accessories?
You are required to pay the full price for the lost device. For breakdown of the charges, please write to us at Biz Care.
21. If I experience any issues after subscription, who do I call for support?
Please call 1 300 03 2228 for after sales support and troubleshooting. Alternatively, you may write to us at Biz Care.

Prices include 6% GST. Terms and conditions apply.