BizVoice® Basic

Decidedly simple. Go from analog to digital,
with better voice quality at lower cost.

1. What is BizVoice® Basic ?
BizVoice® Basic is a multiple-lines telephony service which enables customer to enjoy PSTN quality voice over their existing broadband connection.
2. How does BizVoice® Basic work?
BizVoice® Basic delivers voice over IP network, hence removing the need to lay bundles of physical wires like the conventional PSTN.
3. How do I know if my office can subscribe to BizVoice® Basic?
As long as you have a broadband connection in your office, you can sign up BizVoice® Basic. Even if you don't have any broadband connection, contact P1 now to get our professional sales consultant to propose a total solution for you.
4. What is the minimum requirement for broadband bandwidth?
Typically, the minimum bandwidth requirement to carry one (1) voice channel is 64kbps. A larger bandwidth is recommended if the bandwidth is shared between data and voice. You may perform a quick check on your broadband connection quality here. Following is the recommended requirements on different parameters.
Suggested Value
Packet Loss
5 ms
Codec G.729


5. I have my own IP-PBX, how does BizVoice® Basic work with it?
Provided you have broadband connection, upon successful registration of BizVoice® Basic, you will be guided to connect your IP-PBX to the P1 SIP server with a designated credential in order to receive and make calls.
6. I have my own PABX/keyphone, how does BizVoice® Basic work with it?
Provided you have broadband connection, upon successful registration of BizVoice® Basic, you can rent an Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) from P1 to connect to your PABX/keyphone in order to receive and make calls.
7. What is Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA)?
ATA is a device which converts analogue signal to digital signal. 1 ATA is able to support up to (4) lines, which means you may connect four analogue phones to one (1) ATA.
8. I do not have any equipment, can I still sign up BizVoice® Basic?

Yes, as long as your office is equipped with broadband connection, you can sign up BizVoice® Basic and rent an ATA from P1 with 12-month contract.

9. Who is eligible to subscribe to BizVoice® Basic?
Business users with a valid business registration number can sign up for this plan with the following supporting documents provided:
1. Photocopy of authorised signatory's NRIC (both sides)/ Passport (for Non-Malaysians)
2. Company Authorised Letter of Signature
3. Photocopy of certified documents (whichever applies):
- Private Company: Form 24, 49, 9/13
- Public Company: Form 8 & 23
- Sole Proprietor: Form D & A
- Partnership: Form D & B
- NGO/ Association/ Corporation/ Foreign Company/ Embassy/ Government: Documents issued by relevant authorities
10. Can I sign up BizVoice® Basic for personal non-business use?
BizVoice® Basic is designed for business users with company registration number only.
11. How do I subscribe to BizVoice® Basic?
Please write to us here. Our sales consultant will contact you within 3 working days.
12. What are the charges for the BizVoice® Basic?
There will be a monthly commitment fee, and additional call usage beyond commitment if any.
13. Will I get Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) once I sign up BizVoice® Basic?
If you need the ATA device, you can rent from P1 @ RM31.80 /month per unit.
14. How many ATA I can rent from P1?
You may rent as many devices as you need.
15. Is there any warranty provided for the ATA on rental basis?
Yes, ATA rental will be warranted throughout service period. However, accessories (cable, power adaptor, etc) are warranted for 3 months only. For the duration of the service subscription, defective modems will be replaced on a one-to-one basis.
16. Is any installation required for BizVoice® Basic?
No on-site installation is needed if your business premise is equipped with IP-enabled PBX. if you rent ATA from P1, there will be on-site installation provided.
17. Will I be charged for P1's on-site installation?
The installation fee of RM212 (inclusive of 6% GST) is waived until further notice.
18. What does P1 on-site installation cover?
P1's on-site installation covers wiring from customers' network equipment to the ATA box, wiring from customers' PBX (if any) to the ATA box and also testing and commissioning of the ATA box.
19. Is there any deposit when signing up for BizVoice® Basic?
A deposit applies to BizVoice® Basic 500 and BizVoice® Basic 1000 only.
20. Is there an upfront payment needed when signing up for BizVoice® Basic?
No. An upfront payment is not needed.
21. Is there a minimum contract period when I subscribe to BizVoice® Basic?
There is no minimum contract period for BizVoice® Basic. However, if you would like to rent ATA from P1, you will be bound by a 12-month contract.
22. Does BizVoice® Basic support fax?
23. Does BizVoice® Basic support credit card terminal?
24. What are my bill payment options?
Please refer here for all the payment options offered.
25. Can I upgrade the plan?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Please write to us at Biz Care for any upgrade request.
26. Can I downgrade the plan?
Yes, you can. Please write to us at Biz Care for any downgrade request. An administrative fee applies when you opt for a downgrade.
27. If I relocate to a different address, what are the charges?
In the event of relocation, you can continue the voice service but there will be a fee imposed on changing the phone numbers as you will need to change according to the prefix in that particular location. An administrative fee of RM53 (inclusive of 6% GST) applies.
28. Can I cancel my service within the contract period?
Yes. A processing fee of RM200 (inclusive of 6% GST) will apply for early cancellation. Please write to Biz Care for service cancellation requests.
29. Do I need to return the ATA upon service cancellation?
Yes, if you rent the ATA from P1, the ATA has to be returned in good working condition.
30. What happen if I lose the ATA or any accessories?
You will have to pay for the lost device(s)/accessories. For breakdown of charges, please write to us at Biz Care
31. If I experience any issues after subscription, who do I call for support?
Please call 1 300 03 2228 for after sales support and troubleshooting. Alternatively, you may write to us at Biz Care

Prices include 6% GST. Terms and conditions apply.