ForBiz® Leased Line

Rock-solid leased-line Internet with expert 24-7 support to match. Dedicated line, dedicated service anytime.

Success stories of ForBiz® Leased Line Pioneers
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    Encik Zulklifli Yahya, Vice President – Infrastructure Readiness

    "We need the speed, the quality so that we can go far. Being in Sentul, options were few and technology from competitors was found wanting. P1 has served us very well in comparison to them."

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    UCSI University, Technology Office

    "P1 came along with the type of service we need and deployed the leased internet line in half the time our previous provider needed…Overall, it took only 3-4 weeks for P1 to set up our broadband service… Another factor was the response time, and we found that P1 responds very fast, which was within 24 hours. Downtime is cut down as well"

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    Mr. Ijan Teh, General Manager

    "We can expand our business without worrying about the bandwidth limitation. Furthermore, we have not received any complaints from dealers regarding slow connections or disconnection since, and our sales sales turnover has increased by 100%."

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    Mr. Brendan Chan, Product Specialist

    "P1 Leased Line has allowed us to keep our focus on improving our business information system without having to worry about the reliability of our Internet connection. With the fast throughput, it has helped improve the experience we had with our web applications which are critical to our daily business operation."

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    Mr. Mohd Nubairi, Assistant Manager (Networks & Telecommunications Technology Services)

    "It’s satisfying to see our students experience speed and freedom while surfing on campus. P1 PR1ORITY BROADBAND offers the best network quality at one of the lowest prices in the market."

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    Mr. Derek Teoh, IT Manager

    "P1 PRIORITY BROADBAND has helped increased the stability and speed of our Internet connectivity, allowing us to use our applications more effectively. Best part is - it is more competitively priced."

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    Mr. Mohd Nazrul, Technical Manager

    "With the faster bandwidth from P1 PR1ORITY BROADBAND, our staff productivity is higher, and work can be done faster. We are now also in line with our planning of Unified Communications (UC)."

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    Mr. Foo Chuan Loon, Director

    "After getting P1 PR1ORITY BROADBAND, we noticed how much easier it is to connect to our clients. Communication among staff is also smoother due to the increased connectivity."

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    Mr. Chia Yi Teng, Chief Technology Officer

    "P1 PR1ORITY BROADBAND allows us to have a more flexible and secure access to our server for our internal use. As a result, we are able to meet our customers’ need for more accurate and faster services."

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    Mr. Kelvin Yong, IT Manager

    “As our operations runs non-stop 24x7, we need an effective communication infrastructure that caters to over 2000+ users on our ERP system. We made an informed decision to switch to P1 PR1ORITY BROADBAND to save cost and improve communication speed.”

    * ForBiz® Leased Line is formerly known as BizPriority™