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1. What is BizSMS®?
BizSMS® is a powerful and effective marketing tool to send out bulk SMS by using a simple web portal.
2. Do I need any device to use BizSMS® ?
No, you will only need to have internet access in order to log in to the web portal.
3. Who is eligible to sign up BizSMS®?
Business users with a valid business registration number can sign up for this plan with the following supporting documents provided:
1. Photocopy of authorised signatory's NRIC (both sides)/ Passport (for Non-Malaysians)
2. Company Authorised Letter of Signature
3. Photocopy of certified documents (whichever applies):
- Private Company: Form 24, 49, 9/13
- Public Company: Form 8 & 23
- Sole Proprietor: Form D & A
- Partnership: Form D & B
- NGO/ Association/ Corporation/ Foreign Company/ Embassy/ Government: Documents issued by relevant authorities
4. How do I subscribe to BizSMS®?
Please write to us here. Our sales consultant will contact you within 3 working days.
5. What are the charges for BizSMS®?
There will be a monthly commitment fee, and additional SMS usage beyond commitment if any.
6. Is there any upfront payment needed when signing up for BizSMS®?
Upfront payment of RM 100 applies. However, no upfront payment is required for existing P1 business customer.
7. Is there a minimum contract period when I subscribe to BizSMS®?
A 6-month contract applies. RM 100 administrative fee applies for service cancellation within contract period.
8. What can I do with BizSMS®?
You can send bulk SMS to Malaysia mobile numbers, personalize SMS, schedule reminder SMS and etc. For complete list of features, please log in to your BizSMS® account and download the detailed user guide.
9. Can I send international SMS?
No, you can only send SMS to Malaysia mobile numbers.
10. Can I send long SMS (more than 160 characters)?
Yes, however it will be charged as multiple SMS.
11. Can I send Chinese characters SMS?
Yes, you can.
12. Will I be charged for failed SMS?
No, failed SMS will not be charged.
13. How can I cancel BizSMS service?
Please contact P1 BizCare for service cancellation.
14. I forgot my username and password, what should I do?
Please contact P1 BizCare to reset your password

Prices include 6% GST. Terms and conditions apply.